Megan's Letter

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Megan Gilday.

You may know that my husband Greg Gilday is your State Representative. I’m a local teacher, Greg’s a local attorney, and our two sons Laker and Graham are local students. The Gilday’s have lived and worked in this community for three generations, and our sons are the fourth.

Greg is a Republican, and I consider myself a Democrat. Which makes us a pretty normal family.

Both of us are more in the “middle,” which is why this letter is so important, given the harsh politics that are hurting our Democracy.

Two years ago voters like you helped Greg win when he promised to work for “Good Schools, Good Jobs, and Good Government.”Though it’s just his first term, Greg did a good job of working with both parties, and he kept his promises.
Today the big issues are inflation, public safety, and a woman’s right to choose.

On all three, you can trust Greg.

Greg’s opponent has only lived in the district for a few months before starting to campaign against my husband. That’s unusual. Normally people have a real connection with their community before trying to “represent” them in Olympia.

With so little to run on, the opponent is campaigning on abortion, and for such a personal matter, I wanted you to hear about

Greg’s views from the person who knows him the best.

Greg will not vote to change Washington’s abortion laws. He promises that any changes to these laws should be sent to the voters, since the voters wrote our state’s law by initiative.

This means Greg’s views are the same as most people, including most women, in our community. That’s important to remember.

Your neighbor,

Megan Gilday

P.S. Washington State isn’t going to pass any big changes on abortion. Please consider that on the issues that matter most to our community, good schools, good jobs, good government, fighting inflation, and protecting public safety. Greg is our best choice.

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